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"A job well done stays well done forever."

 "A Building well built stays well Built forever."
 ~DHC Built~

Dave Heck Construction, formerly Progressive Builders is here to serve you with all your Pole Building and garage needs!    

What our competitors don’t want you to know.




1) We have over 25 years experience.

          We do have more experience than most.
2) We have erected over 2400 buildings.

          Custom design is not a problem.
3) We offer sight preparation for our building packages.

          It's very important for many reasons to prep sight before construction begins
4) Our employees are not sub contractors they are hourly employees.

          Yes we do not try to side step the government and not pay the extra cost of      employee contributions and insurances.
5) We are fully insured with liability and workers compensation insurance.

          Some states actually require proof of insurance before issuing a permit because of the on going problems of non-insured contractors.









The name you can trust!

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